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How Is An Independent Living Facility Different Than A Nursing Home?

Are you looking into senior living for your loved one? While there are some similarities between a nursing home facility and an independent living community, it’s important to understand their differences to be able to make the best decision for their care.

Nursing Homes for Senior Care

A nursing home is most notably known for its focus on medical caregiving. They are staffed with around-the-clock nurses to care for aging seniors in need of constant healthcare and services. Most nursing homes provide assistance with seniors’ activities of daily living such as bathing, personal care, clothing, walking, and mobility. Most nursing homes are strictly focused on their residents who are in need of medical care and assistance.

Independent Living Facility for Senior Care

An Independent Living Facility is a community that offers seniors the support and independence they need while providing the attention and care to thrive in their later years of life. Here at Arbors of Russellville, we are a resort-style community nestled in the rolling hills and mountains of Russellville, Arkansas. We provide our residents with friendly community amenities such as walking trails, community gathering areas, beauty shops, and chapels, fitness areas, and more. We even allow our residents to reside with a pet! Our dining room feels most like an elegant dining experience at an upscale restaurant for dinner each night surrounded by musical presentations and other special features for our residents to enjoy. We do provide our residents with personal care from Arbors Independent Living Partners and elite companies to provide home health care and personal daily needs.

When it comes to choosing the best option for you or a loved one’s senior care, we hope you’ll consider us at Arbors of Russellville Independent Living Facility. Book a free tour of our community, today by calling 479-219-3902 or by email at

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