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Why Choose Independent Living for Seniors

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If you are looking for senior care, then it is important to know what the options are. Independent living is often a good choice because it provides seniors with an opportunity to live on their own and make their own decisions about how they want to spend their time.

Here's why independent living may be the best option for aging adults:

Independent living communities like ours at the Arbors of Russellville provide seniors with the freedom and hassle-free lifestyle they're looking for. There is no yard maintenance, no cooking, or other typical tasks that come with homeownership.

Aging seniors in independent living communities are able to stay connected with their peers, or "neighbors", regularly with social connections and events. This is done by a variety of social get-togethers, like ice-cream socials or resident's birthday parties.

Staying active is critical for our senior's well-being and mental health. In our community, our residents have quick and easy access to walking trails on our grounds keeping them active and on the move on a regular basis.

We have partnered with great local companies and healthcare providers here on our grounds who regularly visit to check and in and care for our resident's healthcare needs. This makes general healthcare access easier than ever.

When it comes to choosing the best option for you or a loved one’s senior care, we hope you’ll consider us at Arbors of Russellville Independent Living Facility. Book a free tour of our community, today by calling 479-219-3902 or by email at

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